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The Cambridge Diet, also known as The 1:1 Diet, is a very-low-calorie fad diet developed in the 1960s. In its various forms, it has specified a calorie intake between 330 and 1500 kcal per day. Food is principally in liquid form as meal replacement products or bars sold as part of the diet. While there is some evidence that these types of diets result in short term weight loss, there is little evidence of long term benefits. he diet achieved popularity in the 1980s following its commercial launch in the USA in 1980 and the UK in 1984. Following the deaths of several dieters it was revised under pressure from the FDA. The UK National Health Service states that anybody following a diet of less than 600 kcal/day should be under medical supervision.

Dr. Sanchari Sinha Dutta, Ph.D. for News Medical Life Sciences mentioned some of the Cambridge diet cons, "According to some diet experts, a diet plan of 1000 calories or lesser a day should not be followed for more than 12 weeks continuously. If a dieter is eating only 600 calories or lesser a day, he/she should be evaluated constantly by a healthcare/diet professional to avoid serious consequences, such as loss of muscle mass.

There are published evidence stating that Cambridge diet has possible side-effects, such as constipation, flatulence, nausea, bad breath, cold sensation, tiredness, and dizziness. It can also cause gall bladder stones.

Since the diet mostly involves meal replacements, it can eventually increase a dieter’s craving for food, leading to over eating and weight gain. Thus, the diet may not be very effective for long-lasting weight maintenance. It can also trigger eating disorders.

The extremely strict nature of Cambridge diet plan can be demoralizing at some point, and a dieter may face difficulty maintaining the diet guidelines for a long time. Experts also claim that people with a drastic weigh loss plan are more susceptible to weigh gain afterward.

Another disadvantage is that meal replacement products can be expensive to maintain."


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Rory Madden says

"Terrible company to work for and from a hygiene perspective I wouldn't recommend the products either. I was involved in the ingredient mixing process and the amount of contaminants I came across was worrying, I raised these concerns to the manager but his only real concern was how much we were making. I was basically reprimanded for pulling out so much plastic, foreign bodies etc. I eventually stopped as I feared losing my job as it was through an employment agency but it didn't do any good as I was let go a couple of weeks later. The manager in question is married to the company owners daughter and I was told that no action would be taken against him (No surprise). Again I reiterate, terrible company to work for as the manager only has his own interests and I've seen first hand output is more important than health and safety."

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